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SFP: Episode 360: Tom Paris Commemorative Edition

This episode contains: We start this episode with quite a ramble. We cover Homestar Runner, the age of the internet, spotify, restaurants closing for covid, Mr. DNA, youtube comment sections, Devon committing 0 murders, and the delta variant. It takes us too long to get to the science.

I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you scientists!: Kids are using soft drinks to fake positive COVID-19 tests. We talk about how the lateral flow tests work and how important pH is. We really want kids to go to school, but Steven talks about how he was ground down in high school. Fun memories.

Oops, there it is: 15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice. We talk about the latest findings from ice core samples taken from 22,000 feet in Tibet. Scientists found 28 novel viruses that were completely unknown. It’s crazy rad.

Science Fiction: We chat about the kerfuffle between ScarJo and the Mouse. Steven finally got around to watching that Lower Decks Season 2 trailer, and boy howdy, we get into it. After the Tamarian chat, we get into Tom Paris. Ben really knows his stuff. We dig deep. Steven finished the latest Bobiverse book, Heaven’s River and recommends it to people who liked the other three Bobiverse books. The rest of the episode spawns from a comment a listener made about the X-Men and Storm. It devolves into a rant about how the MCU should introduce mutants and Steven thinks he has some pretty good ideas. Ben takes us through Powers of X and House of X and how Moira MacTaggart could be used as a framing device for the MCU.




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  1. No Steven! Noooooooooooo! Some of Storms most amazing storylines are actually her stories that she Doesn’t use her powers, like Life Death 2, Dancing in the Dark. She’s so much more multifaceted than Halle Berry showed. Her historical significance and the need for better representation shouldn’t be ignored either. Better casting would be the main issue I think, for almost all the X-Men, whoever they might utilize. I like with your ideas of how to introduce/sprinkle them into the current MCU and utilize Moira. Also regarding Moira – she contracted the legacy virus, who at the time was thought to be human and thought she was the first human to contract it. There are definitely characters that I have a hard time envisioning on screen, like being able to portray Nightcrawler as the debonair smooth talker vs the weird blue guy with a tail. Okay, I’ll come down from my X-Men soapbox now lol


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