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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 34.

Duckman and George ‘The Animal’ Peel are back to bring you news and show reviews in the weird world of pro wrestling. It’s a pro wrestling podcast, with a decidedly Scottish flavour. On the show this week…

Is Duckman an edible addict or an edible aficionado? This is the question on the lads minds as once again Duckers munches an edible before the show! He thinks it’s fun. Maybe it’s just him! Away from Duckman being irresponsible, George has finally got back to see his beloved Dundee live after over 500 days. The lads are in a football chat mood and get into Football Manager chat – a game they play in two different very different ways. Duckman shares his favourite story from The Olympics, it has nothing to do with any sport, and it’s hilarious. Plus the lads FINALLY announce their new Patreon exclusive series of retro wrestling reviews that will be launching in the next couple of weeks.

It’s been another crazy couple of weeks in pro wrestling. The lads discuss the announcement of the forthcoming scripted TV series ‘The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon’ and how there’s no way this will be a truthful and accurate look back at Vince’s steroid trial. They even lie in the press release announcing the show! The lads talk Bray Wyatt being released by WWE and look back at his career and where he might go next. There’s been controversy with promos this week and the lads have their say on this. Plus tons of other subjects, tangents and general fun pro wrestling chat.

The show is wrapped up this week with mailbag and the lads answer your questions. There’s tons of great stuff here – the lads pick some crazy UK commentators for AEW, when did WWE’s booking get so bad, what is wrestling psychology, favourite Summerslam moments, Hangman Page, CM Punk, Adam Cole and so much more! A really fun way to wrap up the show and thanks to everyone who sent questions in!

So sit back, relax and get some SATP goodness in your life. Thanks for listening, spread the word of the show and all that good stuff.

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