PP: Episode 192

  Car & body from 1997 found in retention pond on Google Earth (3:45) AA Mechanic who sabotaged plane was an admirer of ISIS (7:40) Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy […]

VS: Episode 259: The Reverend Bob Levy

Back again with episode 259!  Today, we are joined by the always hilarious, Bob Levy.  You might know Bob from The Howard Stern Show, Opie and Anthony, or from headlining […]

GDC: Episode 256: Finger Lickin’ Good

Clint, Skip & Steve catch up and chat about Ms. Monopoly, Monopoly: Socialism, KFC creates a finger lickin’ good dating sim, SNES on Switch, farewell Discord Nitro games, RIP MoviePass, […]

SFP: Episode 265: Sci-Fi Adjacent

This episode contains: We ditch Skype and try Discord. Devon tells Steven about Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. Nature Watch: Chameleon inspires ‘smart skin’ that changes color in the […]

PP: Episode 191

CA Ministry forces the homeless into panhandling (3:00) AL HS removes stall doors, in bits bathrooms only, to combat vaping (7:15) OH primary school’s lunch shaming (12:40) CA “message in […]

DLP: Episode 265: Texas People Be Dry

In this episode, Paco insists that the residents of San Antonio have a vendetta against her. Milky and Pouch discover electric scooters, much to Paco’s chagrin. Pouch here. Apologies for […]

OOO: Episode 234: Daniel Mitura

Join @jaspercolesays actor/producer Daniel Mitura (@djm2124) as they discuss his journey from Texas to NYC and beyond. It’s a thought provoking episode that covers a wide range of topics. 

GDC: Episode 255: Good Strong Hands

It’s a full house tonight with Clint, Skip and Steve! Clint sees Angel Has Fallen, Steve sees IT Chapter Two, Birds of Prey trailer, reworking the DCEU, Angel Has Fallen […]