OOO: Episode 226: Jack Nathan Harding

@jaspercolesays sits down with veteran character actor, singer, songwriter and producer @jacknathanharding listen in as they dive into his new creative endeavors as he ventures from acting into becoming a Gay Country Music Singer after the […]

GDC: Episode 239: Happy Endings

Skip & Clint catch up from the week, then talk Apollo 11, John Wick 3, Russian Doll, Benjamin (Redbox flick), WHO decides on Gaming Disorder, Skyrim Together, death threats, Red […]

LMU: Episode 128: Rob’s Brain Melted

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about Aaron Rodger’s Game of Thrones fandom (0:00), the Packers draft and was Mike McCarthy holding them back all this time? […]

SFP: Episode 249: It’s Funny In China

This episode contains: Steven and Devon are back together again. Steven tells us about his recent travels and Devon tells us about his entire family coming to visit. Life, uh, […]

PP: Episode 174

Boeing 737 Max Jet controversy (4:30) RIDICULOUS amount of FDA recalls (8:30) Monsanto & Round Up (13:55) Racist “promposals” (20:20) Puritanical Alabama abortion law (40:35) Maine wants to give all […]

VS: Episode 245: Don Hartsell

Today, we are joined by Don Hartsell, the first Commissioner for the World Air League. WAL is organizing the World Sky Race, the historic first race of airships to circle the planet. […]


Welcome one and welcome all, the bar is open, the drinks are poured, so raise a glass and let’s get all fucked up on the biggest nerd news stories of […]

GDC: Episode 238: Endgame Spoilers

Like the episode title suggests, Clint & Steve spoil the sh*t out of Avengers: Endgame! They also talk about shelving the Gambit movie, Disney pulling back on Fox projects, a […]