OOO: Episode 241: Tim Ryan

Jasper @jaspercolesays sits down with author/addiction specialist and star of the A&E series DOPE MAN, Tim Ryan @AManInRecovery. His story is inspiring, poignant, real and raw.

GDC: Episode 268: Beyond The Fustercluck

Clint & Skip welcome friend & streamer Zippofluid! After catching up on the week, the guys talk streaming, returning to No Man’s Sky, Clint sees Jumanji: The Next Level, the […]

LMU: Episode 155: He Went Bye-Bye

This week, the boys talk Dom and Phil’s beef and the bet they have on the Jets season (0:00), and recap the Army-Navy game and Joe Burrow winning the Heisman […]

PP: Episode 204

OH, KY & their ridiculous abortion bills Houston Chief of Police urges gun control while Virginia Sheriff promises to deputize thousands in his gun sanctuary county  (16:15) Four more teens […]

VS: Episode 268: Stefan Alexander

We are back with another unique week of content!  Today, we are joined by Stefan Alexander, a great musician out of NYC.  We discuss Stefan’s music, his sexuality, his style, […]

SFP: Episode 277: Platform Agnostic

This episode contains: Benjamin Daniel Lawless join Steven as guest co-host this week! We’re excited to talk about Watchmen (when appropriate). Steven reveals that he watches The Mandalorian on Thursday […]

PP: Episode 203

Co-Host – Ricky from Degeneration Radio (@rickyradio) Politics – Voting for Trump/Depression “Kid Rock” goes on drunken rant on stage at his restaurant at Little Caesar’s Arena/Lease will not be renewed […]

VS: Ep 267: The Irishman’s Jeff Paul

Today, we are joined by fellow comic, Jeff Paul.  Jeff joins the show to discuss what it was like to be in Martin Scorcese’s new film, The Irishman, and work alongside the […]