CTT: Episode 065: I Have an Addiction

ALL ABOARD for the Crazy Train of Thought podcast brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the worst-hosted podcast on the internet! Join host Ryan Wolf and his trusty sidekick […]

MCC: Episode 96: Patrick Gilmore

Patrick Gilmore joins host Elias on this week’s episode. Patrick stars on the Netflix series “Travelers,” opposite Eric McCormack.  You can find Patrick on Instagram @patrickgilmore and Twitter @PatrickGilmore

PP: Episode 158

Co-Host – Career military vet & Comedian Bianna Yeager Iowa abortion “Heartbeat Law” ruled unconstitutional (4:30) Racism – Two OU students leave school over blackface video/FL AG resigns over blackface video […]

VS: Episode 231: Sycho Sid

We are back with another amazing guest.  This week, Sid Eudy, aka Sycho Sid, aka Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, joins us on the podcast. Sid has been an iconic […]

LMU: Episode 111: Don’t Panic

This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about the always crazy NBA season, the championship round and the upcoming Super Bowl, and a preview of some of the […]

SFP: Episode 234: The Best Ending

This episode contains: We talk about the last episode that Devon did not listen to. Devon looks forward to a debate with Ben about STD v. Orville. Devon talks about […]

MCC: 95: Joe Minoso

Actor Joe Minoso from NBC’s Chicago Fire joins host Elias on this week’s episode. We talk about his character on the show Joe Cruz, his career, growing in Chicago and […]

PP: Episode 157

Co-Host Steve Domingues/ Owner of The BS Podcast Network bspodcastnetwork.com You Tube “challenge” videos banned (12:30) NC man charged with assault of a minor at mall confrontation (20:45) PG&E files […]

NWW: Episode 103: Ellie Summerling

Ellie Summerling is a stand up comedian and actress. She co hosts a monthly comedy show called “Dirty Broads” in Philadelphia, PA. You can follow her on Instagram @ellie.summerling. SPONSOR: […]

VS: Episode 230: Jon Fratelli

Back again, and today we are joined by the frontman of the hit band, The Fratellis, Jon Fratelli.  Jon joins us for a great conversation about his writing process, his solo […]

DLP: Episode 240: Thigh Guillotine

In this episode, Lionheart returns and recalls a couple of toxic relationship stories. Milky believes that in the wizarding world, if one sucks at magic, the only option is tennis. […]