LCP: Episode 14: It’s Always Sunny

In this week’s episode, George talks about his experience after going to Burger 51. The guys also discuss the new controversial film “Cuties” that just recently premiered on Netflix. George […]

VS: Episode 325: Joanna Going

Back again with another installment of Verbal Shenanigans.  With one of our favorite interviews to date, we sit down with another crucial member of the show Kingdom,  Joanna Going.  Joanna, […]

DLP: Episode 296: Gang Gang

In this episode, Benjamin Ashford Sandal makes his triumphant return to complain about all things DC. Milky is amazed by Brian Michael Bendis’ transformation. Pouch here. It seems Gad was […]

PP: Episode 243

The Oscars set new inclusion standards for 2024 OH Judge known for “creative” sentences for animal abusers (6:00) Democrats introduce federal marijuana bill (10:10) QAnon speaker says Dems should be […]


THIS IS A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays sits down with veteran character actress and producer, @jenelisecox to discuss the 50th anniversary of “The Brady Bunch” which made its big television […]

VS: Episode 324: Joe “Daddy” Stevenson

We are back with another classic episode. Today, we are joined by Joe “Daddy”Stevenson. Joe Stevenson is a retired American mixed martial artist who has nearly 50 fights under his […]

PP: Episode 242

Movies & TV – What We Do in the Shadows/Yellowstone/Fargo/The Mandalorian/Helter Skelter: An American Myth Is there a serial killer at Ft. Hood? (11:45) A live one at a MI […]