OOO: Episode 298: BEN VAZQUEZ

@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are thrilled to welcome the multi-talented Actor @benvazquez_ Join them to discuss his career journey as an Actor and a Miltary veteran, He currently recurrs on […]

SFP: Episode 343: Fun Little Idiots

This episode contains: Ben’s cat consistently interrupts his REM sleep, and fun ensues. Steven got some chickens. Breath In, Breath Out: Scientists are now developing vaccination by inhalation. Scientists are […]

TGP: Episode 161: March 2021 Round-Up

Ben played a PS2 game in HD! Sara also played a PS2 game in HD! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting a new retro beat-’em-up…rcade-game-sequel Xbox FPS Boost […]

VS: Episode 351: Clark Fredericks

Today, we bring you an episode unlike any other that we have recorded in the past 7 years. Clark Fredericks is a survivor of horrific childhood sexual abuse at the […]

PP: Episode 270

Chicago “serial stowaway” strikes again CA man punches 75 year old Asian woman for no reason & she proceeds to beat him with a stick & put him in the […]