CTT: Episode 066: Teeth Shrapnel

ALL ABOARD for the Crazy Train of Thought podcast brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the podcast on the internet about broken teeth and video games! Ryan Wolf plays […]

MCC: Episode 97: Daniel DiMaggio

Daniel DiMaggio from ABC’s family sitcom American Housewife joins host Elias on this week’s episode. DiMaggio stars as the witty, self-assured, smart beyond his years and honestly speaking, a bit […]

PP: Episode 159

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ricky Gervais on hunting (6:30) Another Orca (Kayla) dies at Sea World (11:35) St. Louis cops playing Russian roulette on duty (19:25) Cops find tunnel leading […]

DLP: Episode 241: Three Nuts Into The Arm

In this episode, SPJ treats the listeners to the Wallman Origins: Origins Story, a reboot prequel to the hit franchise surrounding the Dank Wall. Milky explains that he can no longer […]

OOO: Episode 218: Kim Tavares

In this episode of One on One, @jaspercolesays sits down with comedian, actress, and long-time friend @kimtavares as she talks about the ups and downs of her life as a […]

GDC: Episode 223: No News

What happens when Skip has the flu, plans change, and the news has nothing of note? Clint & Steve get together anyway! Clint’s Switch gets stolen, streaming Life Is Strange, […]

HBP: Episode 151: Mara with Craig Conway

Craig Conway is a very talented British actor known most recently for his key roles in Final Score, alongside Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista and (just released in UK) Mara, […]

SFP: Episode 235: The Final Remembrance

This episode contains: Steven discusses his guest appearance on the Potentium podcast. We learn that the name of the podcast is actually a Star Wars term. Steven has yet another […]