SFP: Episode 341: Pound Workers

This episode contains: We have a new recording night, and this episode christens it. Happy Pi Day everyone, let’s talk about pie. Ben has now been quarantined over a year. […]

VS: Episode 349: Dr. Randy Lewis

We are always full of new things to learn on our show. If you think you knew everything and we could not surprise you….SPIDER GOATS. Dr. Randy Lewis is a […]

TCP: Episode 81: Crypto 101?!

https://anchor.fm/the-convoluted/episodes/81-Crypto-101-esm184 * WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS* This episode today is to give you a brief understanding and introduction to cryptocurrency; the highs and lows of getting into this world.

PP: Episode 268

Physicists claim warp drive is possible My first foray into the realm of Tik Tok videos & You Tube challenges (9:10) Never understood why Americans care so much about the […]

OOO: Episode 294: Kristos Andrews

A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr are thrilled to have British-Amercian Actor/Producer/Director @Kristos join them to discuss his career journey which has taken him all the way to […]

SFP: Episode 340: Delayed Gratification

This episode contains: Ben survives choking on water, then attempts to survive one full year of quarantine. Listen in to see if he makes it. ……under pressure: Researchers build a […]