SFP: Episode 313: Digital Public Square

This episode contains: We start out the episode talking about the California Wildfires and how they are effecting our lives. Then, a bet is settled. You Have Got to be […]

VS: Episode 321: JJ Birden

Today, we are joined by former NFL wide receiver, JJ Birden.  Undersized and undervalued, JJ went on to have a very successful football career with several NFL teams, including the […]

PP: Episode 240

CA’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns high capacity mag ban Coronavirus – Anderson Cooper & the moronic “My Pillow Guy” (6:45) VA Mayor says Biden picked “Aunt Jemimah” as […]

OOO: Episode 265: PHILIP V. BRUENN

@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr are excited to welcome to the show Multi-Talented Actor   (Philip V. Bruenn) who stars as “Nick Cassidy” on the Emmy nominated Series STUDIO CITY and film […]

SFP: Episode 312: Thematically On-Brand

This episode contains: We start off by talking about the weather and how it’s melting us. We then transition to distance learning and what we’re doing with our kids. News: […]