PP: Episode 186

Man attempts to poison his wife, on video, & Judge sentences him to 60 weekend days in jail (5:35) Sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (12:05) Mass shootings […]

VS: Episode 255: Jeffrey Gurian

After a quick vacation, we are back with another fun episode of the podcast. Today, we are Jeffrey Gurian.  You may know Jeffrey by his wild hair and great interviewing […]

GDC: Episode 250: The Bourbon Barrel

Teaser alert – Clint meets up with Drew, co-host of the Knights of the Bourbon Barrel podcast! Twitch Sings competition, will Clint make it to Con On The Cob, Drew […]

SFP: Episode 259: No Hope For Humanity

This episode contains: We discuss some Star Wars Armada news and some board game’s Devon has been playing. Steven then talks about X-Wing. We’re All Doomed!/This Week in Space: A […]

PP: Episode 185

Guest co-host Susi from Germany The Pink Lady Bandit arrested (9:15) $30 million dollar Brazilian airport gold heist (15:30) Dallas police kill mentally ill man who called 911 for help […]

DLP: Episode 262: Sharknegro

In this episode, SPJ investigates the anime surrounding Soulja Boy. Milky wants to know what SPJ’s favorite animes are. Pouch respects the hustle. The boys marvel at the greatest crossover ever. Pouch […]

TS: Episode 170: Buffalo Anna

Sal & Chris talk to Mike Bocchetti about seedy New York City circa 1980s and his trysts with Buffalo Anna & “the Peruvian”. Chris also presents evidence that the moon […]

GDC: Episode 249: Five Years On

The gang’s all here, and together we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the show! We look at where the show started, how it’s evolved, what it’s become, Clint sees Aladdin, […]