PP: Episode 276

Comcast Hell All in the Family (12:40) Josh Duggar arrested on child pornography charges (25:45) FL Principal paddles student (29:10) CA woman verbally abuses cop (34:15) CA wildfire covered up […]

OOO: Episode 302: Harley Wallen

A BEST OF EPISODE: @jaspercolesays is joined by Swedish born former athlete turned actor & filmmaker @HarleyTheSwede who’s new film ETERNAL CODE was just released. It’s a full hour on […]

VS: Episode 356: Maia Sharp

We are back with another amazing musician on the cast.  Known for writing tracks for the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Lisa Loeb, Trisha Yearwood, and Art Garfunkel, Maia Sharp joins […]

PP: Episode 275

Wedding “venue” crashers Doomed, disabled Submarine off Bali (9:15) Sadistic CO cops break the arm of a 73 year old woman with dementia, then laugh about it with other cops […]

OOO: Episode 301: Todd Bridges

THIS IS A BEST OF EPISODE @jaspercolesays sits down with TV icon @ToddBridges to discuss IT ALL. Career highlights and all the great inspiring work he does today to help […]