SFP: Episode 347: Teach the Robots to Fish

This episode contains: Steven starts this episode with talking about how he’s gone ‘full dad’ and now ‘enjoys’ yard work.  It’s weird. Ben talks about his epic playing of Danger […]

TGP: Episode 164: April 2021 Round-Up

Sara read More Than Meets the Eye! Who cares what Ben did! Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – BioWare Explains All the Gameplay Tweaks https://www.ign.com/articles/mass-effect-legendary-edition-bioware-explains-all-the-gameplay-tweaks ‘Perfect’ Super Mario Bros. speedrun beat […]

VS: Episode 355: Joe Briggs

Drive in totals for tonight’s episode “No dead bodies. One special guest. Two awkward hosts, 30 minute conversation. No breasts. Probably some aardvarking with one host in an old bed. […]

PP: Episode 274

TX lawmaker proposes open/carry with no license or background check Adam Toledo, Derek Chauvin & Ma’Khia Bryant (7:35) Capitol attacks – Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes/Oath Keeper pleads guilty (33:45) […]

MOW: Episode 370: That NEW Disney Look

We discuss the latest blog post by Disney regarding updates to their policies about the expected “look” for their cast members. What are your thoughts on this new initiative? Let […]