TGP: Episode 166: The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Season 2

This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on Transformers! Again! For FOUR HOURS!! PATREON: Discord: Big Gay Nerds: Background music: Visager: INTRO: Ben’s Twitter: @TheGorgePodcast […]

VS: Episode 358: Jason Forthofer

A couple of inspirational quotes to get you in the mood for today’s episode. “People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes” Pauline Phillips “FIRE!!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!” […]

PP: Episode 277

FL racist calls a Dunkin’ employee a nigger (twice) gets punched in the face and dies Columbia Pipeline hack (10:10) Liz Cheney removed/Elise Stefanik (16:20) GOP Congressmen shamelessly lie at […]

OOO: Episode 303: Rolonda Watts

Hollywood’s Go-To Bad Guy, JASPER COLE sits down with author and broadcast veteran, ROLONDA WATTS for an unforgettable conversation about her celebrated career.