SFP: Episode 097: Quantum Sympathy

This episode contains: Thin ice, San Jose Sharks, arctic sharks, dinosaurs, ST: VOY, ancient ruins, hockey Evolutionarily Speaking: new spider fossil, ancestor to spiders, 305,000,000 year-old rock, silk production, Charlotte’s […]

RSP: Episode 044: We Meditate

The new format is here! Who meditated, who didn’t? You will have to listen to find out! Sloane has a new Instagram, maybe, and Ben is still busy. Is Sloane happy? […]

PBS: Episode 126: Vlad the Impaler

This episode contains: Numbering, worst fears, ass-blowout, too may kids, keys and cars, softball, kids sports, remembering codes, Apple and the FBI, Steven helps his grandma, Ben and weed, cool […]

DLP: Episode 131: Please, It’s Too Much

In this episode, Smokira Koryama reviews Pepsi Sakura, while SPJ reviews Batman x Superman: Dong of Justice with tons of SPOILERS. Pouch accidentally brings a Florida Dog article.  Pouch here. […]

WP: #103: Batman Killing People

BATMAN vs SUPERMAN! Zach and Jonny give their review of this long anticipated movie but beware, it’s full of spoilers. The guys also have guest hosts Cassi and Sarah join […]

SFP: Episode 096: Cloning Fungus

This episode contains: Internet naming things, boat names, hand, foot and mouth disease, Web MD, chemical burn Nature Watch: Fungus that threatens chocolate forgoes sexual reproduction, frosty pod rot, several […]

RSP: Episode 046: Back from the Ashes

We almost ended the show but decided to reboot it instead! Everyone loves reboots these days. Sloane and Ben talk about the struggles of doing a podcast on opposite coasts and […]

PBS: Episode 125: Hand, Foot and Mouth

This episode contains: Dumb bits, Steven has hand, foot and mouth, Ben wants a rewind, Parvo, shaking in bed, poison oak, calls to the county, Martine is going to hate Dorst, […]

VV: #39 – Glasfaser Deadpool Alchemist

In dieser Folge hat Ludwig hat sein Mic hochgeklappt. Ludwig hat Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood geschaut und fand das toll. Jan Henryk war bingelearning(TM) und hat angefangen maybe in another life […]

TXDE: Episode 62: Robert Johnson

Episode Notes:  This week on the show Mike and Gidget jump head first into the news, daredevil,The walking dead and a great story of the king of the delta blues […]

WP: #102: X-Men Apocalypse

 In this episode Zach and Jonny discuss new X-Men Apocalypse trailer, Xbox/PS4 cross platforming, and “game to life” games and accessories. The WarPod is brought to you in part by listeners […]