PBS: Episode 147: Hobbies

This episode contains: story of intro, computer voice, RSP hiatus, Martha’s Vineyard, Stranger Things, employee appreciation, morning drinking, working and drinking, golf tournament, more drinking, keg sizes, Angry Orchard Cider, […]

BSPN: Bonus Episode 014: By the Numbers

Thank you for your Awesome August donations! Here is your extra special, one time only, HD, special edition, ultra-powerful BONUS EPISODE. Featuring: Steven Domingues and Devon Craft This month, we […]

GDC: Episode 101: More Than You Can Chew

Warning: This episode contains a guest co-host, random spousal interjections, attempts of hostile pod takeover, a technical snafu, and other shenanigans illegal in 16 states. We are joined by the one & […]

HA: Episode 51: Sara Barnes, Scott Clark

Had a great time talking with good friend Scottie Clark (The Hollywood Outsider/The gaming Outsider) and new friend Sara Barnes. This is Sara’s first ever podcast so we just chilled and […]

SFP: Episode 114: The McConaughey Solution

This episode contains: Definitions for Steven, lots of nothing, Witcher 3, No Mans Sky, 18 quintillion planets, survival exploration, gobbledygook is racist, mixing colors We are all gonna die: We are using all […]

TXDE: Episode 83: Strange and Weird

This week on the show Agent M and Inspector Gidget hit some old news stories to get you caught up! Some trailers and other goodies are talked about and a […]

WP: Episode 120: Rogue One Trailer

We brought Jeremy in on this episode because he is a bigger Star Wars fan than either of us. We spend the entire episode talking about the Rogue One trailer […]

PBS: Episode 146: Anus Baby

This episode contains: New shows, sports shows, tired of babies, lots of interest in our network, Steven doesn’t care about the Olympics, Black or African American?, Black Lives Matter, bad […]

DLP: Episode 149: Widespread Panic Swag

In this episode, SPJ makes an unexpected return and brings with him good and bad news. Milky is obsessed with the cinematic masterpiece known as Baller Blockin‘. Pouch brings some […]

BWDW: Episode 24: You Can Do It!

The bitches are back, and they’re talking about the Olympics in this very timely episode. Amanda and Lauren discuss why they’ve been obsessed with the Olympics from a young age […]

SFP: Episode 113: The Mars Thing

This episode contains: Devon has a lot of passports, passports are alien to Steven, hole punching old people This week in space: Io’s collapse, volcanic activity in space, how do you […]

TKOTRKT: The Glaze Runner

In this installment, Josh wasn’t able to make the recording this week, so we didn’t do any sports in this episode.  We had a segment full of hypotheticals, and a birthday […]

TXDE: Episode 82: Long John Nebel

This week on the show we jump into a Suicide Squad review, news, trailers and our main topic is Radio host Long John Nebel and his roots on paranormal radio!! […]