WP: #94: Zelda Cash Grab

Nintendo is doing some shady stuff with Amiibos in Twilight Princess remake. Also, a new Pee Wee Herman is coming to Netflix. This, AND MORE in the latest episode of […]

BWDW: Episode 2 – That Wasn’t On My Blog

In this week’s episode, Amanda and Lauren talk about their weeks in work, discuss their best lunches of the week, and go into excruciating detail about Pretty Little Liars. Our theme song […]

GDC: EPISODE 72: Salvagers With Bob Salley

In this episode, Todd & I are joined by independent comic book creator Bob Salley, and we talk about his series Salvagers, making enemies, slashing tires, revenge, creating comics, and other […]

SFP: Episode 087: Reasserting Planetary Dominance

This episode contains: Pocket Mortys, Poke Mon, Rock-Paper-Scissors, rookie mistakes, freemium games, rewards for watching commercials, Black Mirror, Clash of Clans, pay-to-win This Week in Space: a new ninth planet […]

RSP: Episode 038: Pixels

In this episode: Pixels This week we watched the Razzie nominated epic Pixels! We talk about Adam Sandler and how bad his movies are. Is this movie a commentary on his […]

PBS: Episode 116: Herpes Load to the Face

This episode contains: Do we still need to number the shows? Act like you’ve been there before, professional league football, NFL recap, definition of a hail Mary, athletes, Steven playing games, […]

DLP: Episode 121: Always

In this episode, Pouch and Ness express their grief over giants, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Lemmy Kilmister in the saddest episode ever. Milky respects people’s game.  Pouch here. We […]

GDC: EPISODE 71: Judges, Assemble!

The team starts off unassembled, but Ben Miller returns to the mic to discuss the epic conclusion of his 4-book series, Judges! We also take a look at new projects, our […]

SFP: Episode 086: Raid the Arcade

This episode contains: Star Wars Battlefront, raid the arcade mix, Armada by Ernest Cline, time signatures, Devon’s reaction to heavy metal, ring tones, Green Day base lines, Crank, Steven playing […]

RSP: Episode 037: John Wick

In this episode: John Wick New episode, new format. No more two day recording for this show. To kick it off we watched the Keanu Reeves classic, John Wick. How much […]

PBS: Episode 115: Beer Wenches

This episode contains: Steven’s radio voice, rolling your R’s, dusting of coke, splash, Dorst and beer, how many bottles in a gallon, doing math, Barrel House, waiting in line, anti-hipster, sours, […]

DLP: Episode 120: The Milky and Paco Show

In another Pouchless episode, Milky and Paco recall their vacation in St. Augustine. Paco reminisces on her strange childhood. Milky makes a bold statement about imaginary friends.  Pouch here. Yeah, […]


Todd’s off celebrating his anniversary, so Clint is joined by Mason, movie & video game blogger at Reel Dude Reviews! We talk about Clint pimping out Monty Python, Pixar making dudes […]

SFP: Episode 085: Black Mirror, White Christmas

This episode contains: More awkwardness, weekend date, X-Wing Miniatures game, Steven’s project, what Steven has Brain Matters: wired for gaming, the brains of gamers, internet gaming disorder, the gaming chair, […]

RSP: Episode 036: Catwoman

In this episode: Catwoman The persona of Sloane Steel may finally be dead. Ben has transformed his real name into his stage name. The duality of man and cat is […]