DLP: Episode 128: The Ghost of Japan

In this episode, Paco returns from her trip to Uruguay and spins quite a different yarn from Milky’s. Pouch finds Paco’s smile creepy. Milky is unimpressed with everything.  Pouch here. […]

HA: Ep#25| Dragonfly & SwampApe (Pure Orgasmic Love)

Yes yes, the best episode of Horribly Awkward to date, your gonna Pure-Orgasmic-LOVE-it. You can find POL on Twitter @POLPodcast. Their website is http://www.pureorgasmiclove.com/LISTEN TO THEIR PODCAST, you will not be disappointed. […]

WP: #100: Retrospective

This is it! The big episode 100 extravaganza! We have revenge, intrigue, Star Wars actors, wonderful friends from Wisconsin, secrets, dad jokes, and cake! We spend some time in this […]

TXDE: Episode 60: Black Aggie Statue

Episode Notes:  This week on the podcast Mike and Gidget talk about Hollywood remakes, The Walking Dead, trailers and The Black Aggie Statue!! www.xdexperience.com www.tangentboundnetwork.com www.zombieradio.net www.bspodcastnetwork.com  

BWDW: Episode 8: You Did What?

This week, the Bitches didn’t have a lot to talk about in the work/lunch/Netflix department. Or maybe they were just suffering from withdrawals of being together after Lauren went home. […]

GDC: EPISODE 78: Down The Rabbit Hole

Well, we finally did it… we’ve fallen down the YouTube Rabbit Hole. After some brain farts, con talk and recaps of our weeks, we brave the deep & dark chasm that is […]

SFP: Episode 093: Finding Banksy

This episode contains: Commodore Craft and Demigod Domingues, Republican Presidential Primary, Star Wars analogies, Mitt Romney, Trump (the fun’s over), small hands…, Clinton v. Trump, presidential candidates and space, written […]

RSP: Episode 044: Save the Last Dance

In this episode: Save the Last Dance New show, new co-host? Not really but we do have a special guest! Is 90’s hip hop good? Are interracial relationships still a thing? […]

PBS: Episode 122: Word Problems

This episode contains: Steven is OCD, Let it Go, not getting our emails responded to, big time, new show on the network, Canadian? “aboot”, Horribly Awkward Podcast, Ludwig from Germany, bonus show […]

DLP: Episode 127: Weed Exchange Rate

In this episode, Milky returns from his visit to the homeland only to be questioned about weed by SPJ and Pouch. SPJ reveals that he’s been working on #PretzelMania, while […]

WP: #99: You’re Fired

Apparently we are all fired. Episode 100 will be the start of a new era. Good bye, America. Aside from that earth shattering news… In this episode we talk about […]

BSPN: Bonus Episode 009: Triple Jeopardy

Hey Patrons! Steven here with you bonus episode for your awesome January donations! In this episode we got the superb Ludwig (From Germany) to host a Jeopary-style contest between Steven, […]

GDC: EPISODE 77: Who Doesn’t Love Boobies?

Todd is off searching for the world’s perfect chimichangas, so tonight Clint is joined by none other than the amazing Mark Bogner, host of the Tangent Bound Podcast and supreme overlord […]

SFP: Episode 092: Time Pushes Back

This episode contains: Flying down mountains, snowboarding, steep learning curve, cost of entry, ski bus, maintenance of equipment, Straight Outta Compton, NWA, dropping knowledge Biological Imperative: alcohol exposure during pregnancy […]