GDC: Episode 99: 99 Podcasts

We’re one away from 100, show prep, the tale of the missing bumper, bocce ball & Pokemon GO, watching Funhouse Massacre, Clint’s review of “The Park”, playing Boss Monster, starting another podcast, […]

WP: Episode 117: Ghostbusters

The WarPod is brought to you in part by listeners like you. Click the link below for more information about our Patreon campaign. LINKS Warlocks Patreon  Warlocks Twitter  Warlocks website  […]

RSP: Episode 055: Inappropriate Touch

It’s another week of fun on RSP!  Sloane is tired… So tired. Does Sloane need a DNA test for the baby?  Dorst picked an interesting source for all of his […]

PBS: Episode 142: Who Runs Bartertown?

This episode contains: Batman v Superman bonus episode mention, quality versus other podcasts, the worst Samuel L Jackson impression ever, Steven went to a ren fair, treasure hunt, pirate jokes, […]

DLP: Episode 146: Fiddysophical

In this episode, SPJ is renamed SPQ as he has become smitten with a male co-worker. Pouch updates everybody on working with SPJ as well as the We Out Instagram […]

BWDW: Relationshipping

Lauren is on her own this week, chatting with herself about relationships and how important they are in everyone’s lives. Sorry for the delay! Twitter: @beeswhodowork Email:

GDC: Episode 98: Mister Nipples

The boys share nacho love, getting close to Episode 100, our awesome podcasting community, can Clint be a dick, looking for pipes, Skip finds a house, Clint needs to be committed, […]

SFP: Episode 111: Monkey Music

This episode contains: Nice Guys, 5 out of 5, Ryan Gosling, Monkey Tools: different stones used for cashew processing, “hammer stones,” technological development, PBS video series, monkey’s hunting footage […]

TXDE: Episode 79: Violette Szabo

Here is a fresh new podcast for your enjoyment!! We talk about Preacher, Mr. Robot, The boy and other ttailers and fun stuff!! Dont forget to leave us an itunes […]

RSP: Episode 054: No More Salami

New intro this week same stupid show.  We have a huge announcement this week.  The show has a certian “theme”.  Hint Hint.  Sloane is having trouble sleeping and Paul snores.  […]

PBS: Episode 141: Manpunzel

This episode contains: Steven is going bald, shaving your head, thick flowing locks, growing a beard, beard supplements, Gnu’s and buffalo’s, Zootopia, biggest story in the world, UFC sold for 4 […]

DLP: Episode 145: Unlimited Food

In this episode, Ness returns and laments the lack of beer in his hand. The guys talk about the benefits of going on a cruise and Pouch seems fixated on […]