WP: WarPod #96: Cautious Optimism

Superman’s new ability, Nintendo’s reward system, Doom 4, Zoolander 2, Rampage movie, and Zach and Jonny review each other’s performances. First episode of the Edge of Blade dynasty is here. […]

GDC: EPISODE 74: Touch Yourself Tonight

 Clint & Todd are coming at you from the Tin Can at Vengeful Studios! In this episode, we talk about missing each other, bad Lip Sync Battles, rescheduling dates, Deadpool cosplayers […]

SFP: Episode 089: Immaculate Lunar Conception

This episode contains: Working double shifts at the law factory, turnover at work, cool kids at work, job security Update: Volkswagen scandal, 44,000 healthy years lost in Europe, illegal emissions, […]

RSP: Episode 040: The Ridiculous 6

In this episode: The Ridiculous 6 We are back and we are talking about the Netflix blockbuster The Ridiculous 6. Racist characters, unfinished movies and Adam Sandler. What are movie pitches […]

PBS: Episode 118: Warlock B*****s

This episode contains: Steven is screwed up, Steven is sick, drinking tea, white tea, Steven doesn’t understand flavor profiles, Steven can’t focus, tea jokes, Down with the Sickness, lead singer for […]

DLP: Episode 123: Frog Dog

In this episode, Paco returns and reminisces on her hatred of parrots. Milky pitches a new movie that he and SPJ will write. Paco and Pouch believe that Milky will […]

WP: #95: The Buy Out

Well….  The WarPod is changing hands. Zach and I (Jonnydem) find out at the end of this episode that Edge of Blade is taking over. Don’t fret boys and girls. […]

SFP: Episode 088: Nationally Notifiable Condition

This episode contains: “Lumosity” correction, tardigrades correction, early Futurama quote, Steven’s baby learning new words, Episode 4-7, Undercover Boss at Starkiller Base, Solo family comic strip, Devon’s grandma saw Ep […]

RSP: Episode 039: Best of

Episode 039: Best of No new show this week, but we still give you one hour of entertainment. Never heard the very first episode of Reel Stupid? We got you covered. […]

PBS: Episode 117: Why Does This Work?

This episode contains: Big dog in the room, Dorst screws up, Obama’s approval rating, Steven hates politics, Adam Sandler might be a racist, Steven gets out of bed, Girl Scouts, drinking, […]

DLP: Episode 122: Two-Way Impostor

In this episode, SPJ Googles stuff and talks about it on the podcast. Pouch and SPJ argue about the outcome in The Big Short. Milky pitches a new video for Dorst.  […]

WP: #94: Zelda Cash Grab

Nintendo is doing some shady stuff with Amiibos in Twilight Princess remake. Also, a new Pee Wee Herman is coming to Netflix. This, AND MORE in the latest episode of […]

BWDW: Episode 2 – That Wasn’t On My Blog

In this week’s episode, Amanda and Lauren talk about their weeks in work, discuss their best lunches of the week, and go into excruciating detail about Pretty Little Liars. Our theme song […]

GDC: EPISODE 72: Salvagers With Bob Salley

In this episode, Todd & I are joined by independent comic book creator Bob Salley, and we talk about his series Salvagers, making enemies, slashing tires, revenge, creating comics, and other […]