DLP: Episode 101: It’s Morphine Tyme

In this episode, the boys briefly discuss the 100th episode. SPJ returns and is strangely obsessed with the versatility of condoms. Milky doesn’t want to acknowledge the Florida Man anymore. […]


This episode begins with state murder capitals and whether west of Fargo is one, Tony blows his wad over World Of Tanks, Clint hates World of Tanks but only passionately loathes […]

SFP: Episode 065: Medicinal Metallica

This episode contains: Destiny, what’s the point of playing a video game?, DLC, the Ladies Night Podcast, this is not a video game podcast!, why most video games are sci-fi, […]

RSP: Episode 018: Phenomenon

In this episode: Phenomenon Another episode, another discussion about what movie we shall watch.  Sloane was confused about certain John Travolta movies but not his sexuality. Talk of Travolta’s hair […]

DLP: Episode 100: Jitney from Space

In the episode, DLP turns 100 with a special live-streamed episode featuring all three Semi-Permanents. Paco serves up some Tacos, Ness talks metal old and new in Metal Ness, and […]

BSPN: Patreon Episode 005

TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE YOU MUST BE A PATRON! VISIT PATREON.COM/BSPODCASTNETWORK AND DONATE! This episode contains: Ever wonder what Ben did before he had a podcast? Well you are in […]


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: How can a person be so evil? In the world of Judges, the truly evil people in the world are demons in disguise. All the evil people in this four-part miniseries […]

SFP: Episode 064: Apocalyptic Gaming

This episode contains: Horrible day at work, Blue Apron pizza, arugula on pizza? (Why?), gross olives, Devon is learning to cook, Thug Kitchen, tofu (is supposedly good according to Steven), […]

RSP: Episode 017: The Wizard of Oz

In this episode: The Wizard of Oz. This week its all ruby slippers and yellow brick roads.  Before we dig into the movie Ben and Sloane talk about their love for […]

PBS: Episode 094: Coming to America

This episode contains: We are joined by Dropping Loads, low key DLP, human hype machine, Milky and Pouch don’t do shows alone, 100th episode, live show prep, land lines, roosters […]

GDC: EPISODE 46: Anniversary Sex Avocado

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Nathan lets the world know he can’t sing, Ben’s hilarious Twitter descriptions, Clint brain farts during the Anniversary thank yous (sorry to anyone we missed), guest announcement, Naked Podcast […]

SFP: Episode 063: Alien Crabs

  This episode contains: Steven’s back!, Las Vegas, Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, house money effect (Devon incorrectly calls this a fallacy), adult Cirque du Soleil, Star Trek Experience, M&M store, […]

RSP: Episode 016: Twilight

In this episode: Twilight It’s time to flip the script once again, as Sloane attempts to once again sabotage the show by making her co-host watch an awful movie. Listen […]

PBS: Episode 093: Mom’s First Tit

This episode contains: Steven is back, syndication, Top Gear, streaming, vacations, Lost Wages, Steven gets Vegas, classic Vegas, room service, suites, Vegas highways, bad froyo, Dorst can’t say opaire, Steven […]

DLP: Episode 99: Compelling

In this episode, Ness returns and has a craving for coke. Milky shares his experiences in New York and New Jersey, while Pouch loses his voice. Ness loves the new […]