RSP: Episode 052: The Homeless Solution

It’s TUESDAY!  This week we talk about homeless people and how we solve the homeless problem in the US.  Someone stepped on a needle and Dorst is pissed.  How bad […]

DLP: Episode 143: Selfie Sticks are Evil

In this episode, Paco returns to preach her Punk lifestyle. Pouch is super hype about Harry Potter stuff. Milky names a new Pouch segment under Paco’s segment.  Pouch here. If […]

PBS: Episode 139: No Pump Tommen

This episode contains: Brian and Courtney clip, eighteen beers in, Dorst doesn’t drink during the shows any more, disappointing Julia, new app, all out of whiskey, morning shock jocks, Copa […]

VV: Episode 50: Die E3 2016

Wir reden über die E3 und was wir gesehen haben Jan Henryk war auf einem Filmcamp und redet über Little Miss Sunshine, Treppe aufwärts und Das weiße Kaninchen Danach reden […]

GDC: Episode 94: Tourettes Dog

We start off this episode with a special introduction & announcement, shout out to @ThisFreakinShow, work/life balance, Elder Scrolls, not buying into remasters (with some exception), interrupted by fireworks, Clint’s grand crime […]

SFP: Episode 108: Incompatible with Life

This episode contains: Detroit, 8 Mile, Heavy Rain, visiting baseball parks This Week in Space: Earth’s new moon, orbit, dimensions, recent discovery, traveling to asteroids, 2016 HR3 Cranio Baby: […]

RSP: Episode 051: Tofu Burrito

  This week we dive into Sloane being gluten free and how much it costs to eat in Miami.  Is tipping old school?  Does Sloane tip too much?  We finally […]

WP: Episode 114: HNCC Panel at Comicpalooza

The WarPod is brought to you in part by listeners like you. Click the link below for more information about our Patreon campaign. LINKS HNCC Metal Geeks Rebel Radio Podcast […]

PBS: Episode 138: Beaver Pelts

This episode contains: Given up fighting, beaten in to submission, coming to a close, secrets, when would you know it’s done? New button, “That’s racist”, what we do, secret conversations, belated […]

DLP: Episode 142: Queer Eye for the X-Men Guy

In this episode, SPJ returns and slightly teases on the Don Francisco Promise Historia. SPJ reviews the X-Men: Apocalypse joint, in which he explains the villain’s other occupation. Pouch decides […]

GDC: Episode 93: E3 Remastered

Joining in this episode is none other than Steven Domingues – co-host of the Pure BS Podcast, one of the driving forces behind the BS Podcast Network, writer, and the voice that […]