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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 163

The Oscars Parents who don’t take financial responsibility for their children after a divorce (15:00) Cardinal George Pell charged with sexual assault on minors (21:30) Racism – First Lady Pam […]

PP: Episode 162

Racist teens in NC/Woman in Cali diner/Alabama Editor calls on the KKK (4:55) The monumental idiot that is Jussie Smollett (26:40) ISIS brides want to return to their home countries […]

PP: Episode 161

The Grammys Polar bear invasion in Russian town (10:55) Michelle Carter goes to jail (14:55) Ilhan Omar’s comments (18:55) Kamala Harris & pot/Amy Klobuchar/Elizabeth Warren (25:40) Trump – The sticker […]

PP: Episode 160

Jogger fights off mountain lion and kills it with his bare hands The death of “Damaged Goods – The Show” (6:40) Liam Neeson’s idiotic comments (53:25) KS Judge says minors […]

PP: Episode 159

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ricky Gervais on hunting (6:30) Another Orca (Kayla) dies at Sea World (11:35) St. Louis cops playing Russian roulette on duty (19:25) Cops find tunnel leading […]

PP: Episode 150

Chinese doctor experiments in gene editing on babies (2:10) Doctor burnout (10:45) “Good guy with a gun” killed by police at Alabama mall shooting (16:30) Man gets DUI while Tesla […]

PP: Episode 149

NC chicken pox outbreak/Vaccinations & religion Religious nut job goes to island of natives to “convert” them to Christianity and hilarity ensues (6:00) Racism – “Diner Diana” in Arizona prefers […]

PP: Episode 148

Couples etiquette when paying the check Couple and homeless man perpetrate GoFundMe scam (4:30) California wildfires/East Coast Nor’easter (9:40) Security guard shot by Midlothian PD after stopping active shooter (24:00) […]

PP: Episode 147

Prison rehabilitation Spanking kids (6:35) Teacher arrested for child abuse (19:45) HIV+ mother has liver transplanted into baby (29:30) Boy Scouts vs. Girl Scouts (38:25) Poll problems/Triumph the Insult Comic […]

PP: Episode 146

Whitey Bulger killed in prison (2:30) First cannabis based drug is approved by the FDA (10:35) Mandarin duck found in Central Park (13:25) Racism – “South Park Susan” (16:00) Pittsburgh […]

PP: Episode 145

Chesapeake, Virginia law says no trick or treating over age 12 (4:35) Lioness kills male lion at the Indianapolis Zoo (7:10) Racism – “Passport Patty”/”Caramel niggers”/Limey bigot on Orion Airways […]

PP: Episode 144

Blake Fischer, Idaho Fish & Game Commissioner and scumbag trophy hunter, resigns after killing entire baboon family (3:35) Racism – New crimes…Coming home, giving soccer advice, & bumping into someone […]

PP: Episode 143

Three year anniversary Guest Co-Host – Navy Veteran Andrew from Youngstown, OH Hurricane Michael (10:45) New crime…Babysitting while black (14:20) Washington Post journalist presumed murdered in Saudi Arabia (23:15) Trump […]

PP: Episode 142

Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke convicted of 2nd degree murder (2:50) Montana judge stops grizzly bear hunt (13:50) Incidents involving Spanish/Taco Bell (16:25) Texas school expels student for refusing to […]

PP: Episode 141

Archbishop Robert Carlson didn’t know sex with a child is a crime (2:40) Bill Cosby sentenced to 3-10 years in prison (8:10) The Brett Kavanaugh hearings/GOP women (21:40) Trump at […]

PP: Episode 140

Cody Wilson arrested for sexual assault of a minor after fleeing to Taiwan (4:30) Soon Yi Previn & the scumbag that is Woody Allen (13:10) Love mail (20:45) Anderson Cooper […]