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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 284

Bill Cosby released from prison FL condo collapse (13:10) Transgender SCOTUS ruling/New Zealand’s trans Olympic weightlifter (24:35) Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison (37:04) Gen. Milley vs. […]

PP: Episode 283

Guest Co-Host – Rapper/Musician John Penman Dashcam install & ensuing car trouble (6:00) Happy 1 year anniversary with no episodes to those two idiots at “Damaged Goods” (10:30) SCOTUS […]

TGP: Episode 169: June 2021 Round-Up Sara watched a show where David Kaye plays a character who is best friends with someone named Ratchet! Ben played a game where David Kay plays a character who […]

PP: Episode 282

SCOTUS leaves Obamacare in place/Sides with religious “freedom” in Foster care case Lobsterman spit out of whale’s mouth (4:45) FL pilot helps another plane land on highway (11:25) FL bans […]

PP: Episode 281

The greatness of Secretariat on the 48th anniversary of his incredible Triple Crown victory at Belmont…By 31 lengths! Alzheimer’s drug shows promise (5:25) IRS leaked report on the wealthy & […]

TGP: Episode 168: Castlevania Season 4  This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on Castlevania! We dare to ask the question, “What if Castlevania was good?” PATREON: Discord: Big Gay Nerds: Background […]

PP: Episode 280

Naomi Osaka pulls out of the French Open (4:30) Animatronic animals in zoos (9:35) Tulsa day of remembrance (15:40) Col. Ty Seidule explains the Civil War (26:30) My Pillow Guy […]

TGP: Episode 167: The Transformers: Lost Light

This week, Ben and Sara gorge themselves on The Transformers: Lost Light! We wrap up TransforMAY with Season 3 of the best Transformers content out there! PATREON: Discord: […]

PP: Episode 279

More fun facts on All in the Family Ronald Greene murder & cover-up by Louisiana State Troopers (6:00) Interview with Michigan rapper/musician John Penman (15:50) Marjorie Taylor Greene insults […]