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Category: Bronze

KYD: Episode 10: Sitcom Brawl

Have you ever wondered how a giant brawl containing some of your favorite sitcom characters would turn out? Will this is the episode for you! Join us as we draft […]

PP: Episode 123

Stephen King First round of golf this year…Shot a 99 (4:15) I received a summons to be on a Grand Jury (11:25) Red Dead Redemption (15:05) The British royal wedding/Family […]

PP: Episode 122

Yale prejudiced student (3:45) Chicago/LA technology combating violence (11:40) Eric Schneidermann (19:00) Iowa “Heartbeat Bill”/George Carlin on abortion (25:20) The ignorant redneck that is Don Blankenship (40:45) Trump – Vampira […]

KYD: Episode 009: Alphabet Series A

Welcome to our first installment of the alphabet series. On this episode each guest must draft a movie starting with the letter A from the rounds of: Comedy, Action, Science […]

PP: Episode 121

Update on Archie (4:00) Mt.  Kilueah erupts (5:40) Brink’s truck spills $600,000 on Indiana highway (10:45) Immigrant caravan from South/Central America (17:25) Michelle Wolf/WHCD (38:50) Trump – Dr. Harold Bornstein “raped”/Robert […]

PP: Episode 120

My cat Archie is in the hospital (4:30) Toronto van attack (8:05) Waffle House shooting (18:30) Bill Cosby found guilty/“Bill”  Fat Albert, & some of the Cosby Kids call in […]

KYD: Episode 8: Toms & Tommy

In this episode the panelists must select a film starring Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. Join us for some fun as we make our selections […]

PP: Episode 119

Starbucks racial incident (2:45) Southwest Airlines accident (12:50) Alex jones – Turning on Trump/Ex wife interview/Sued again by Sandy Hook parents/“Alex” calls in (26:30) Trump – Comey interview/Nikki Haley pushes […]

PP: Episode 118

Tool in the studio! Laura Ingraham returns to bitch after apologizing/Sean Hannity, his hypocrisy & Jimmy Kimmel/fox “news” (4:45) Trump – Paul Ryan/Michael Cohen/Syria/James Comey (50:30) Interview with Brian Fanning […]

KYD: Episode 007: Episode 007 PS4

First recorded episode with everyone off site!  On this episode of The Know Your Draft Podcast: Travis has his gaming friends come on to draft a PS4 game set to […]

PP: Episode 117

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – 1/15/29 – 4/4/68 “Affluenza” teen released from jail (5:00) Teacher walkouts (12:15) Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kimmel vs. Hannity (21:50) Trump – Sinclair […]

KYD: Episode 006: Episode 006 Movies #2

On this episode Sean from The Alpha Zone Gaming Podcast and Sean on Stuff joins us as the panelists draft another bargain bin DVD package this time from the categories […]

PP: Episode 116

“Fuck Tha Police” – Stephon Clark/Brandon Flood/Alton Sterling (5:00) Woman in Texas sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally (18:45) Texas Wesleyan fanatical baseball coach/Roseanne Barr (24:15) Mitch […]

PP: Episode 115

Gun control protests (2:40) The Last male Northern White Rhino “Sudan” dies (4:15) Austin serial bomber (13:15) fox “news” – Shepard Smith vs. Sean Hannity/Lt. Ralph Peters/N. Korea/O’Reilly sued again […]

PP: Episode 114

“Opie & Jar Jar” wimp out Alex Jones sued again for slander (40:15) Dogs, United Airlines, & the military (45:00) Conor Lamb wins Republican dominated district in PA (53:20) The […]