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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 138

Madden Tournament shooting in Jacksonville, Florida (4:25) NM Radical Muslims released because of incompetent AG (13:49) Pope Francis implicated in Catholic pedophile cover up (17:30) 9 Year old commits suicide […]

KYD: Episode 17: Sports Movies

On this weeks episode we have good friends and listenters of the show join us!  Josh, Zacko and Brendan from Bats and Balls Podcast join us to draft a DVD set of sports movies […]

PP: Episode 137

Guys…Would you rather be James Bond or Hugh Hefner? My eye stye from HELL!!!!! (6:20) Edward has a girlfriend (12:30) Mollie Tibbetts (14:05) The idiotic scumbag that is Chris Watts […]

PP: Episode 136

Guest Co-Host David Michael Quinones (Q) from the Bird Road Podcast FL stand your ground shooter charged with manslaughter (5:25) Racism – Arkansas cop fired/Jenkinson’s employee fired/“Coffee Cathy” (17:20) […]

KYD: Episode 16: Starwars Recast

We probably should not have, but we did anyways.  Join us as we touch on a subject that is near and dear to our hearts and millions of other: Starwars.  On […]

PP: Episode 135

Ghosts, spirits & the paranormal CA “Holy Fire” (4:20) Seattle suicide by plane (8:45) Alex Jones “deplatformed”/“Tuck Buckford” (14:45) KKK candy (36:25) Laura Ingraham and her prejudiced comments (38:25) Trump […]

PP: Episode 134

California wildfires (3:00) L.A. hostage shooting (8:50) Aero Mexico plane crash (13:20) Swedish royal jewels stolen (21:45) More racism – Having lunch on your campus/Helping the homeless while black (26:00) […]

KYD: Episode 15: Breakfast

Come join us as we create the most important meal of the day!  Thats right we are talking about breakfast.  Travis is out numbered at the table nationality wise.  Listen along […]

PP: Episode 133

“Who is America?” Corrine Olympios/GA. State Rep. Jason Spencer 3D printed guns (22:50) Florida “Stand your ground” shooting (32:50) Racism – More couponing/Barbecuing while black (44:45) Alex Jones says Robert […]

PP: Episode 132

Sasha Baron Cohen – Who is America Duck boat tragedy (5:10) More prejudice in public – CVS – Transgender prescription denial/Couponing while black/Committing a foul in basketball while black (12:00) […]

PP: Episode 131

Kids in the cave all rescued (3:40) Georgia cops flip a virtual coin to determine an arrest (12:30) More racist incidents – Park/Pool/92 year old man/Papa John (17:55) Mitch McConnell […]

PP: Episode 130

Kids in the cave in Thailand (7:05) Florida tourist boat explodes (16:05) New crime…Swimming while black (20:00) Trump supporter Matt the firefighter calls in/N. Korea/Scott Pruitt (24:50) Michael Cohen (1:19:30) […]

KYD: Episode 13: Fourth of July Party

Happy 4th of July!  Join us as the panelists draft a party that you are all invited to.  (Theoretically)  We become party planners and decide what light beer we will […]

PP: Episode 129

Woman denied D&C prescription to end her “miscarriage in the womb” pregnancy by religious pharmacist (5:20) Woman calls natural born Mexican/American citizen a “rapist” & “drug dealer” because Trump said […]