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Category: Bronze

PP: Episode 117

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – 1/15/29 – 4/4/68 “Affluenza” teen released from jail (5:00) Teacher walkouts (12:15) Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kimmel vs. Hannity (21:50) Trump – Sinclair […]

KYD: Episode 006: Episode 006 Movies #2

On this episode Sean from The Alpha Zone Gaming Podcast and Sean on Stuff joins us as the panelists draft another bargain bin DVD package this time from the categories […]

PP: Episode 116

“Fuck Tha Police” – Stephon Clark/Brandon Flood/Alton Sterling (5:00) Woman in Texas sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally (18:45) Texas Wesleyan fanatical baseball coach/Roseanne Barr (24:15) Mitch […]

PP: Episode 115

Gun control protests (2:40) The Last male Northern White Rhino “Sudan” dies (4:15) Austin serial bomber (13:15) fox “news” – Shepard Smith vs. Sean Hannity/Lt. Ralph Peters/N. Korea/O’Reilly sued again […]

PP: Episode 114

“Opie & Jar Jar” wimp out Alex Jones sued again for slander (40:15) Dogs, United Airlines, & the military (45:00) Conor Lamb wins Republican dominated district in PA (53:20) The […]

PP: Episode 113

“Opie & Jar Jar” call the cops Oscars review (38:50) Racist teachers (45:55) Jeff Sessions vs. California (54:20) Trump – Drugs/Drunken Sam Nunberg/Gary Cohn resigns/Stormy/Term limits  (59:10) David Ogden Stiers […]

PP: Episode 112

Altercation at 7-11 with a drunken Trumpanzee (3:40) DACA goes nowhere/Gerrymandering (12:40) Trump the “hero”/NRA & guns/Corporate boycott/Frozen deputy  (16:35) Russia/Putin/Hope Hicks/Manafort/Kushner/Sessions (1:05:35) Ivanka doesn’t believe Trump accusers (1:35:00) The Oscars […]

PP: Episode 111

Co-Host Shawn Thorpe from  & Fergie’s National Anthem (4:45) Opie & Jar Jar open their moronic mouths again (10:45) Trump – Guns/Russia/Gates pleads guilty (59:15) The Olympics (1:40:00)

PP: Episode 110

Florida school shooting (4:30) CNN documentary “Trophy” on disgusting “sport hunters” (27:15) Woman flushes “emotional support” hamster down the toilet before her flight (1:08:10) Mother tries to “cure” her autistic […]

PP: Episode 109

Potentium – Episode 109 (2/10/18) Religion – Kevin McCarthy/Sarah Levin/The “god judge”/Televangelists/Gloria Copeland says Jesus will cure the flu/Dr. Tim White & Archie Bunker on evolution TV – Waco/The Assassination […]

PP: Episode 108

On this day…Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & J.P. Richardson “The Big Bopper” die in a plane crash over Iowa San Francisco DA overturning a slew of marijuana convictions, misdemeanor & […]

PP: Episode 107

Sam Rockwell drops an F bomb on SNL (4:10) Sadistic couple who kept 13 children as slaves (7:20) Accidental nuclear missile alerts in Hawaii & Japan (18:30) Naval officers charged […]

PP: Episode 106

The “Wet Dream Team” (3:15) Racist teacher tells black student he’ll be lynched if he doesn’t “get on task” (10:30) Mentally ill hospital patient dumped at UMMC bus stop (20:00) […]

HWP: Women in Comics

From the Vault 2015 Where we discuss Women in the Comic Book Industry The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

PP: Episode 105

Call of Duty “swatting” incident (3:45) Internet maniac Freddie Richmond of Richmond Trucking – Dunnellon, FL (10:40) Track Palin arrested again (18:15) US Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra puts […]