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HBP: S08E25: ‘Moloka’i Bound’ with filmmaker Alika Maikau

Moloka’i Bound is an Oscar 2021 qualifying film short, centered around Hawaiian culture and the strain of life. We are greeted by a man pulling up outside a school to talk to a young boy sat outside. It is not as it appears, and what we see over the following minutes is the desperation of an estranged father, recently released from prison, trying to reconnect to his son and culture. Through the use of local pidgen English and dialect specific to that area, we are treated to an in depth look at the cultural and generational divides.

For Alika, this is his 4th outing in making a film short, with his passion to show true Hawaiian culture and history to the world. Alika is an excellent film maker, with a keen eye on the stories he wants to tell and the culture he wants to promote. He is also working on a feature film too. Sit back and listen as Alika talks to me about his inspirations and reasons for making the film and much more

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