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HBP: S09EP06: Actor Corey Reynolds talks to me about ‘Resident Alien’ & more

On this episode Ichat with esteemed actor Corey Reynolds. Corey started his acting life in theatre, touring with Saturday Night Fever amongst others. He has a long list of on screen credits too, ranging from parts in NCIS LA, SEAL Team amongst many more as well as a long running main part in The Closer, where he even had a muppet made of him for an episode of Sesame St! He is currently in our screens in Resident Alien where he plays Sheriff Mike Thompson, an intriguing character who seems to have self esteem issues. Corey tells of his passion and love for this series, the comedy that goes on off camera and how forward thinking and talented show runner Chris Sheridan is in leading the excellent cast and crew. Apologies for not having dual screens on this one, it was the first time recording via iPad and seems something did not work right.

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