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Category: HunnicOutcasts

HOP: Super Mario Bros

Season Two Part One “It Don’t Get No Better Than Dis.” September 2015 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It’s been everything from an Nintendo Game. To an […]

HOP: Dr. Strange

Hunnic March Madness 2017 Season 3 Part 2017 Todd and Myself discuss The Matrix with Mouse Ears. It’s and Disney-fied Version of Marvel’s Dr. Strange. Why release this episode on […]

HOP: Cool World Part Two

HuunicMarchMadness2017 Season 3 Part 2017 How cool is this? Another Cool World Episode. This is is co hosted by Sean Koon of Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast.…id665730023?mt=2 The Thought/s […]

HOP: Episode 78: Hunnic March Madness 2017

HunnicMarchMadness2017 How cool is this? You’re getting two prescriptive’s on Ralph’s Bakshi’s Cool World.This one is with long time friend Rachel. As I get an female’s P.O.V. regarding Holi Would. […]

HOP: Episode 75 : The lego Batman Movie

Today is V-Day, and The Lego Batman Movie. Kinda Sorta made fun of the whole. Romance/Bromance Genera. This film had to be discussed with long time fan/FB/Twitter Friend Sean Koon.@ Pittsberg […]