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HOP: Super Mario Bros

Season Two Part One
“It Don’t Get No Better Than Dis.”
September 2015 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.
It’s been everything from an Nintendo Game. To an breakfast cereal. To Weekday and Saturday Morning Cartoons.
It was only an matter of time. Before it became an major motion picture.
Several Directors/Producers/Writers/Actors, were attached.
Until it was finally given to an Husband and Wife team.
Who would write and re-write the script moment by moment.
And eventuality getting fired from the writers/directors chair. By their own agent.
So join us as we discuss this Kreative Kult Klassic. That’s both clean and dirty @ the same time.
And Remember…….MONKEY!!!

The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.…992/sounds.rss…d1084176785?mt=2

All audio clips are the intellectual property of their respective distribution studios. And their respective affiliations.

No infringement is intended.

The Podcast Artwork is that of The Stranger Things Type Generator by Nelson Cash.

Regarding the Intro/Outro Theme Music
I go to Royalty

Or use the music from
Derek and Brandon Fiechter

Here are links to their youtube, Itunes, and Google Play…hter/id587844404…%3D:S:ANO1ljLL3tY…ic&search-type=ss
Twitter @Hunnicoutcasts…6279548/?fref=ts…/hunnic-outcasts/

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