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Category: HunnicOutcasts

HOP: Mousey Interview

Mousey Cosplay is in the house-y. She’s a mother who still enjoys to Cosplay. With her son, will tour hospitals. Is partof the Heroes Alliance. So check out the interview, […]

HOP: Team Beautiful

This is an interview, I conducted several months ago. Lashawn Colvin’s Beautiful Soldiers. Is on its way. Thanks to Kendra Hale’s hookup. I was able to get some info. On […]

HOP: Gurl Power

Another Season Two Part one Episode From ’15. We had an blast interviewing Lashawn Colvin. And wanted to know her. Thoughts on women in comics from past and present. […]

HOP: Black Dog

Dani Smith has become one of our Besties. So check out this interview from a few months back. As well as her work. Twitter @Daniquickdraw The Thought/s and […]

HOP: Rogue One

Season III With the House of Mouse. Purchasing LucasFilms, was Rogue One? The Prequel you were looking for? Join Hunnic and Todd to find out.The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that […]

HOP: World War Hulk

After Hulk found a new life. One an war like planet. He took it over. But decided to be a wise “Green Scared King.”However his so called friends. Had other […]

HOP: Planet Hulk Discussion Part Two

Here’s our Part Two Discussion of Planet Hulk. Green Scar will become an King…but can the Big Green Guy. Finally find happiness? Not when it’s The Incredible Hulk. The Thought/s […]

HOP: Planet Hulk Part One #HunnicSeeyouinSeptember2017 With The Thor Ragnarok Showing up all over the place. I’d figure you’d enjoy this summer Re-Run.  And We’ll you in September 2017  HunnicOutcasts Hulk Month, kicks off. With […]