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Category: One On One With Jasper Cole

OOO: Episode 220: Breaking the News (Episode 3)

Listen in as @jaspercolesays and co-host @mikeltaylorgray discuss the latest Hollywood gossip, the Oscars, and a few of their favorite nominations. They also breakdown Trump’s recent declaration of emergency at our southern border, who in the White House may […]

OOO: Episode 219: Ralph Cole Jr.

@jaspercolesays sits down with actor, friend, and former co-host @ralphcolejr for a memorable conversation. Join them as they discuss his exciting career, a devastating loss, and how his resiliency and passion has helped him move forward with not only his […]

OOO: Episode 218: Kim Tavares

In this episode of One on One, @jaspercolesays sits down with comedian, actress, and long-time friend @kimtavares as she talks about the ups and downs of her life as a […]