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OOO: Episode 221: The “Horrors & Heroes of Homelessness” Series –Episode 3 –General Jeff “Mayor of Skid Row”

In our third installment of “The Horrors and Heroes of Homelessness” @jaspercolesays sits down with Skid Row community activist @goskidrowgo (General Jeff) and producer JW, for a truly unforgettable conversation that paints a firsthand account of the trials and tribulations thousands of people go through on a daily basis within the Skid Row community. General Jeff, who recently returned from speaking in Berlin at USC’s “World Building Institute” conference, holds nothing back as he sheds light on the multi-billion-dollar industry of Homelessness and the “poverty pimps” actually benefiting from it. They discuss the failed leadership and policy, shortage of affordable housing, unlawful criminalization from the LAPD, how General Jeff received his often-infamous title of the “Mayor of Skid Row” and how he’s working diligently to fill that role. General Jeff and the Skid Row Neighborhood Council has made great strides in creating a new sense of community in Skid Row spearheading many positive programs for adults as well as children in need. It goes without saying that General Jeff is truly a special man with an enormous heart who genuinely cares about improving lives for the less fortunate. This amazing man is doing his best to be about it not just talk about it. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

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