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Category: Pure BS Podcast

PBS: Episode 161: The Final Episode

This episode contains: The final episode of the Pure BS Podcast. Please visit for more awesome podcasts. If you want to contact us one final time:

PBS: Episode 160: Beautiful Black Scrotum

This episode contains: F’d levels, Thai food, voting and protesting, election, getting sick, Black Friday, open on Thanksgiving, Political News Update, markets, Edna’s birthday party, friends with kids, party logistics, […]

PBS: Episode 159: Election Night

This episode contains: Deportation, election night recording, Steven’s first time voting, taking a deep breath, elections are not only every four years, all elections are important, Hillary victory party, Trump […]

PBS: Episode 158: Back in the Saddle

This episode contains: Anniversaries, posting regularly, Dropping Loads, SPJ, Halloween, YouTube and copyrights, condolences, long bumpers, shit show at Ben’s, Halloween party, Steven blacking out, baby sitter or stripper, Dixon […]

PBS: Episode 157: One Last Snort

This episode contains: Devon in the Ben chair, mocking Ben, YouTube, self-driving cars, types of cars, cost of cars, Ben joins the show!, disgruntled podcaster, not a bit, last ep […]

PBS: Episode 156: All By Myself

This episode contains: Steven goes it alone, streaming and recording, talking to fans, guests, Pack Up + Go, Obi-Wan Kenobi, spell checking Marsh, Steven’s wife’s mother, Rebels, Darth Maul, Legos, […]

PBS: Episode 155: Dysfunctional Podcasters

This episode contains: Special guest Clint!, Geek Dig, lots of episodes, ultimate movie monster, stabbed in the back, loyalty, podcast experiences, Ben is mad, RSP, financial issues, taxes, watching last […]

PBS: Episode 154: Cyclops Cowboy

This episode contains: Where’s Iota?, Fantastic Beats and Buttholes, Order of the Phoenix, cum certified, sound effects, stating the obvious, “hate watch” a TV show, butt chugging, too much TV, […]

PBS: Episode 152: Jedi Gut Feeling

This episode contains: Steven still doesn’t follow the news, being a single dad, EpiPen, IotaMan1701, Charlotte is burning down, the state of race relations in America, distrust of police, historic […]

PBS: Episode 151: Intergalactic Checkmate!

This episode contains: 151 Rum, Dixon, YouTube, Patreon, Steven is sick again, Dayquil and Mountain Dew, being tired, sweet sleep, Storm Pooter, The Flu That Stole Christmas, Girl Scouts celebration, […]

PBS: Episode 150: Shower Sitters

This episode contains: Tuesday recording, Steven and drugs, roller coasters, Ben and waiting in lines, what our time is worth, Mother’s Day, being a dad, Steven is sick, Ben’s panic attack, […]

PBS: Episode 149: Tranny on a Bike

This episode contains: The Canadian, “Fal-cone,” the deepness of RSP, TMZ, picking an intro song, new podcast, Steven watched Suicide Squad, reshoots, different versions of the same movie, The Joker, […]

PBS: Episode 148: Dirty Laundry

This episode contains: The real show’s starting, air drumming, airing dirty laundry, Twitter bots, typical DLs, more bitching, RSP issues, Zika in Florida, we need new ads, Wacko of the […]

PBS: Episode 147: Hobbies

This episode contains: story of intro, computer voice, RSP hiatus, Martha’s Vineyard, Stranger Things, employee appreciation, morning drinking, working and drinking, golf tournament, more drinking, keg sizes, Angry Orchard Cider, […]

PBS: Episode 146: Anus Baby

This episode contains: New shows, sports shows, tired of babies, lots of interest in our network, Steven doesn’t care about the Olympics, Black or African American?, Black Lives Matter, bad […]