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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 222: Doom and Gloom

This episode contains: Devon explains why he’s not going to be here next week. Steven laments being a stay at home dad to two children. Doom and Gloom: We discuss […]

SFP: Episode 221: Space Stuff

This episode contains: We start off complaining about stores decorating for holidays too soon. Cloak of Invisibility: “Spacesuits” protect microbes destined to live in space. We try to figure out what […]

SFP: Episode 219: The Fiction Half

This episode contains: Here’s the second half of our two-week ep. Last ep was all science so this one is all sci-fi. We briefly discuss the Emmy results (go GOT!). […]

SFP: Episode 218: The Science Half

This episode contains: We start off discussing prime numbers. Devon then laments his mother’s jokes. Ice To See You: A very well preserved ice age wolf pup and caribou calf were […]

SFP: Episode 217: Predicting Destiny

This episode contains: We talk about our non-special lives. Steven is playing Star Wars: Destiny and has bought a lot of packs of cards. Medical Predictions From the Past: We […]

SFP: Episode 216: High-Def Dystopia

This episode contains Sci-Fi: Devon and Steven are dear friends. We start talking about sci-fi then decide to make it an all sci-fi episode. Devon discuss his frustration with the […]

SFP: Episode 215: Disenchanting Science

This Episode Contains: Life is pleasantly mundane for the most part. Except for a crappy thing that happened to Devon at work. Artificial Butt Rope: “Bigger Proteins, Stronger Threads: Synthetic Spider […]

SFP: Episode 214: Scared to Not Brighten

This episode contains: Devon’s drinking again. Steven is drinking more. Steven went to a funeral. Devon’s week is looking up so he’s in a good mood. The Genetics Never Forget: […]