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Category: Silver

DLP: Episode 161: Mystic Mollies

In this episode, SPJ discusses his survival plans for the Trump Administration. Pouch honeypotted SPJ. Milky has very oddly specific rules about threesomes.  Pouch here. After a few weeks, we […]

DLP: Episode 160: Like God, but Black

In this episode, a last minute cancellation causes the guys to bring in a ringer… or Milky’s roommate, Gad. That is his real name. Pouch believes he knows Gad’s middle […]


In this chapter, Bobby Talks NFL, and a little bit of Tony Romo.  Thank you all for listening, and enjoy!

DLP: Episode 159: Welcome to Trump World

In this episode, Paco returns to help grieve over the results of the 2016 Presidential election. Milky reveals that he’s very knowledgeable about tortillas and serial killers. Pouch is anti-Paco.  […]

UPC: EP12: “Driverless Cars”

Do you trust your technology to make the decision to save your life? Michael is joined by Designer Corey Stewart and Photographer Andrew Powers to talk about Driverless cars. Are they safe? […]

DLP: Episode 158: Roadhead

In this episode, DLP takes a road trip to Tampa to attend a concert in which the mythical Alestorm headlined. On the way back home, the guys record an episode […]

UPC: Ep10: “The Jonestown Massacre”

Michael recounts the atrocious 1970’s communist cult known as Jonestown— where more than 900 people committed mass suicide. This episode features chilling audio of the infamous Jim Jones leading his flock to slaughter. […]

BVB: Episode 35: SPECTRE Review

On this episode of The Batman vs James Bond Show, in on honor of it’s one year anniversary, Brian does a full review of the 24th Bond film SPECTRE. From […]