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Category: Silver

DLP: Episode 164: Dat Jew Hate

In this episode, Gad returns and he’s very impressed with Rogue One. Pouch reflects on 2016. Milky just wants the cops to pay for his car window if they break […]

DLP: Episode 163: Koalas Got Gonorrhea

In this episode, SPJ lectures us on the mechanics of slanging dicks. Pouch reports on his time in Dallas. The guys continue their ongoing debate on threesomes.  Pouch here. Glad […]

HA: EP#66- The Naked Porch / Zyme

Crazy party chat this week. Hanging out with Ray, Danielle and Chris from The Naked Porch Podcast and Zyme, who is a rap artist from California. So much fun happened […]

KOTRKT: Father

In this episode, Bobby and Zach interview Bobby’s Dad, Robert L. Leatherwood.  He tells some very interesting stories on his life, and gives his opinion on the latest in the political news.  Hope […]