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Category: Silver

HA: EP#66- The Naked Porch / Zyme

Crazy party chat this week. Hanging out with Ray, Danielle and Chris from The Naked Porch Podcast and Zyme, who is a rap artist from California. So much fun happened […]

KOTRKT: Father

In this episode, Bobby and Zach interview Bobby’s Dad, Robert L. Leatherwood.  He tells some very interesting stories on his life, and gives his opinion on the latest in the political news.  Hope […]

DLP: Episode 161: Mystic Mollies

In this episode, SPJ discusses his survival plans for the Trump Administration. Pouch honeypotted SPJ. Milky has very oddly specific rules about threesomes.  Pouch here. After a few weeks, we […]

DLP: Episode 160: Like God, but Black

In this episode, a last minute cancellation causes the guys to bring in a ringer… or Milky’s roommate, Gad. That is his real name. Pouch believes he knows Gad’s middle […]


In this chapter, Bobby Talks NFL, and a little bit of Tony Romo.  Thank you all for listening, and enjoy!