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VS: Episode 347: Sam Calagione

7 years ago, we made a list of the top 4 guests we’d love to talk to on the show someday.  Today , we bring on one of those guests to the podcast.  We are joined by craft beer pioneer, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing.  Sam is a laid back, intelligent, funny, and real.  We talk all thing Dogfish, staying creative, the craft beer world, and new happenings at the brewery, all while enjoying Dogfish’s latest release, Hazy-O.  Look out for Dogfish’s new craft canned cocktails, a new book from Sam about the Dogfish Inn, and of course, more delcious craft beer.  This interview was well worth the wait, and we are beyond thrilled to get a chance to chop it up with Sam.


We also talk about Scott’s mysterious Uncle Bo, we look into some bear news, and Mike scares someone to death on the Murder Trail.  Have a listen!

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