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GDC: EPISODE 53: Inglorious Conversation With A Diamond Mind


This episode, I am joined by friend and host of the Diamond Minds podcast & Inglorious Gentlemen podcasts, Paul Maier. We talk about drinking while podcasting, Chicago, a shared professional connection, buying vs renting movies, 3DTV, vision issues, Paul’s professional moves, the job path taking right turns, Clint needs to get certified, did podcasting derail Clint’s educational pursuit, Paul needs to come back to Chicago for some pizza, we love our podcaster circle, editing software and process, Sweetwater, tickling the ivories, Rocksmith on Xbox, Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Kinect, Clint preparing to move, playing video games, wanting to build a custom arcade cabinet, pinball machines, creating our online monikers, listening to podcasts, closings & plugs

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