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GDC: EPISODE 56: High And Salty


In this episode, Clint is joined by the Awesome Tony, half of the dynamic duo that is the Salty Language Podcast. Clint forgets the episode number, digital Magic vs. physical Magic, 250 Magic, breaking the hiatus for some Battlefront, Tony’s drinking will is being tested, Clint weasels time off work, the Redbox grilled cheese, Clint’s Periscoping shenanigans, Happy Anniversary Lady E, tinkering with tech & how the hell did we pull that off, Clint FINALLY gets into The Flash, Felicity the Delightful, Daredevil is amazing & we hope for more Marvel awesomeness, the TV that draws us in, falling behind on Walking Dead, turkey & Netflix with Jessica Jones, Clint now fights for the dark meat, fun with cosplay, Martha & Thomas Wayne cosplay, what would we cosplay as, Maggie Gyllenhall is not Lauren Graham but both are doable, Clint’s moving experience, our plans for C2E2, Clint’s no-tell motel experience, shitty fishing trips, Clint’s bald eagle experience, and much more!

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