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MOW: Episode 136: 33 Reasons: WDW>DL, Part 1


In Guest Services. we recognize the following listeners and topics: MOWican Mr. MOWnonymous, Richard Hercher, Susanna aka “That Girl With the Respiratory Issues,” and MOWican Eric Grubb aka Heap Big Sweats.
For The Hub topic this week, we have a REBUTTAL – 33 Reasons: WDW > DL, Part 1. 
Back on MOW #133 & MOW #134, we analyzed the findings of the article entitled “33 Things That Make Disneyland Better Than Disney World” written by Tara Block and published by on September 18, 2016. Feel free to check out the article and listen to MOW #133 & MOW #134.
Seeing as we are a podcast dedicated to exploring both sides of the issue, we decided to come up with our own set of “33 Reasons That Make Walt Disney World Better Than Disneyland.” This is the first in a two-part series.
What did you think about our discussion? Any comments? Share them at

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