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MOW: Episode 179: Unpopular Disney Opinions: MOWican Edition

For today’s Hub, we present a topic that was inspired by the MOWicans on our Facebook page: Unpopular Disney Opinions. This time the four of us present our unpopular opinions and the MOWican Nation gets to comment on our opinions much like we commented on their opinions on MOW #178.
The way this Facebook post worked is that someone would state an unpopular Disney opinion and all you could do to respond was to write “agree” or “disagree” without arguing. This time we posted our opinions as we were recording the show and we got immediate feedback from the MOWicans. It was a great time and we hope you can be part of the next one. 
It was fun to hear what the MOWicans thought about our unpopular opinions. If you want to be a part of the next Facebook activity, like and follow our Facebook page and become an active member of the MOWican Nation.
What did you think about our discussion? Did you agree or disagree with what we said on this show?  Any comments? Share them at Your opinions are always welcome on our show.

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