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TTB: Episode 41: Hot And Ready

The Two Bobs episode 41 for Monday, November 13, 2017:

  • What are The Bobs drinking?
  • Sound familiar? Probably because Robert already had one of these in episode 8. Rob is losing it in his old age.
  • In an act of desperation Robert found an iPhone X at a local store and traded in his iPhone 8 Plus. By the way, The Bobs love their iPhone Xs.
  • How did Robert find an iPhone X at a time when they’re almost as hard to find as a politically correct Donald Trump tweet? He used Rob used the same web site to nab a pair of AirPods some months back too.
  • Daylight Savings Time, which was invented by the devil to fuck with peoples’ minds, is the worst.
  • Rob’s wife Kellie received a rather alarming voicemail from the “IRS” threatening to call the police if she didn’t call them back. Fuck these scam artists. The Bobs are determined to get one on the show at some point.
  • It’s no secret that The Bobs love all pizza but there are times when a frozen pizza gets stuck in the mix. Not all frozen pizza-inspired dishes are created equal and The Bobs talk about the 12 best according to some random asshole on the internet. You’re welcome, world!
  • CRAZY NEWS! Crazy old cat lady trains her 65 cats to steal from her neighbors. This is totally not fake news. Seriously. Okay, it’s fake as shit. Still, it’s worthy of a listen.

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