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CTT: Episode 14: Salty Doggos

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought, the number one listened to podcast in Indiana brought to you by The Idiot Savants! We want to quickly give a big shout out to the BS Podcast Network for asking us to become a part of their crew! In this episode koala bear fighting pit ring announcer Sam Romero joins me, Ryan Wolf as we discuss:

Ice skating IRL versus the Mighty Ducks cartoon

How Bleach sucks as bad as Lost

Ryan’s experience with the Nintendo Switch

Problems with Breath of the Wild

Has Star Wars gone on too long?

Hating Adam Driver’s face

And our thoughts on The Last Jedi

We want to thank you all for listening. You are the reason we do this. We also invite you all to check out the other podcasts on the BSPN, which you can find at

As always, you can find us at the following:

Twitter: @theidiotsavants


Fledgling website:

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