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TTB: Episode 50: Mount Your Sleep Partner

The Two Bobs episode 50 for Monday, January 29, 2018: 

  • The Bobs broadcast live on Facebook this week to celebrate their 50th episode! 
  • What are The Bobs drinking? 
  • Robert’s wife Melissa called in to call The Bobs out on past misguided history lessons. A few notes from the conversation: 
  • Melissa is not the boss of us.  
  • Rob’s drunken tirades should never be taken seriously. 
  • Plymouth Rock did indeed exist in the 1400’s, we just didn’t know yet. 
  • Melissa seems to have missed the big picture, which is that Squanto was a piece of shit human being and the world is a better place without him.  
  • The Bobs had a few other call-ins including their worst listener Karen, her daughter Cassidy, Elderly Listener, and their first ever live conversation with Scary Caller! 
  • Rob sleeps like a bear. Robert, on the other hand, likes to add a little more flare to his sleep cycles. 
  • Yet another double dose of CRAZY NEWS! The Bobs are making podcasting great again, unless you’re from Mexico.  


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