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CTT: Episode 16: That Time We Actually Talked About Destiny 2

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought, the podcast that has absolutely nothing to do about trains and is, in fact, about pretty much anything else. Join me, host Ryan Wolf, as I chat with whoopee-cushion salesman and Sword Art Online know-it-all Sam “Saltman” Romero and the smartest man I know withtwo missing finger tips, Cody “No Longer Taking Sam’s Shit” Knight as we continuously derail from the following topics:

3 minutes of Cody’s thoughts on Persona 5

Sam wants to do something creative, because this podcast isn’t cutting it for him

We “sing”the Saltman theme song

Remember Tech Deck? You shouldn’t.

Farts aren’t funny

Sam the whoopee cushion Salesman and death by dildo

Paragon vs Paladins


Battlefront II

Warframe vs Destiny 2

Romance stories and Cody’s issues with them

Is Sword Art Online the best romance ever written?

Thank you all so much for listening! We do this for you all and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Also, shout out to our international listeners, particularly Slovakia which had the most downloads of this podcast for last month! And thank you to the BS Podcast Network for helping us get our content out there. You can find us on the internet at the following locations:

Email us:

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