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VS: Episode 188: Christian Okoye, Devon Harris, and Randy Santel

This is a massive episode.  We are very ecstatic to bring you 3 amazing guests on one episode.  First, the “Nigerian Nightmare himself, Christian Okoye, joins us to talk about his unique career, his thoughts on the game of football, Nigeria, and his feelings on the game today.  Christian gives us his honest feelings and is able to give great insight into his career, the health of players, anf the brutality of the game.  Make sure to check out the Christian Okoye Foundation.

Next, we have returning guest, and original Jamaican bobsledder, Devon Harris, come back to talk about the current Olympics and his efforts to raise money for the Jamaican bobsled team.

Finally, our good friend, Randy Santel, returns to talk competitive eating, food challenges, and all things diet.

This is what we love to do.  Unique stories every single week. Please continue to listen, share, comment, and interact.

Please continue to share, listen, like, and comment.

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