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DAP: Episode 69: Action Hero March Madness, Black Panther and Annihilation; interview with Eric Cooper

This week on the show the boys begin this years March Madness bracket!  This year we pit the best action heroes of all time against each other to see who comes out on top with your votes!!  We also briefly discuss with no spoilers Black Panther and Annihilation amongst other things!!


Joe’s Top 10 You Knows its!, We waste time so you don’t have to, talk this week’s comics and see what our followers have to say during social shit time!


Please contact us if you want any and all of the mystery box contents!!

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3:16- News

32:30 Wasting Time

56:00- Action Hero March Maddnes

1:17:57- Comic Book Corner and Eric Cooper Interview

1:28:00- Social shit Time

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