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HBP: Episode 124: Lucifer with Aimee Garcia

Aimee Garcia is known to thousands as the friendly, bubbly and intelligent pathologist on Lucifer – Ella. She has delighted fans since she came on the scene on season 2 of the hugely successful show with her wit, her acting skills and her affinity to her fans. Always ready to respond to as many as she can, or take us on behind the scenes tours and sneak peaks via her instagram, Aimee is truly a fan favourite. Season 3 has seen her character, Ella, have more involvement in storylines and even several Ella-centric episodes, which shows the writers listen to the fan desires.

Chill out with Aimee as she chats with me and talk about Lucifer and many other things, and find out what her muppet character would be!!

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