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CTT: Episode 44: Sam Gets Fired?

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the internet’s least factual podcast! King of the Idiots Ryan Wolf is joined on today’s episode by the Soup-Slayer, movie maker and beard wearer Justin Campbell, the bane of all free and wild Pokemon the Pokemurderer Troy Osborn, and back from his birthday extravaganza that none of us were invited to, the defender of all that is good and innocent, the mortal enemy of all that Ryan loves, Sam “Meme Machine” Romero! Join four idiots on a journey that goes off the rails even more than usual with the following:

Man VS Food: Magikarp

Pokemon Storyline

Pokemon Go News!

Dragonball: A Short History


Old people impressions

Ryan sounds like Alex Jones

Dark Souls

Black Ops 4 Beta

Games coming out this year

Sam celebrates his birthday!

Sam reviews Tusk and Van Helsing

Ready Player One discussion

Small Soldiers argument

Thank you all so much for listening and for your support! Please if ANYONE enjoyed our old people impressions, let us know. Will BO4 be trash? Did Tusk or Van Helsing deserve higher ratings? You can let us know in the comments on Podbean, Youtube, on Twitter or via email! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave a review if you liked what you heard. A special thank you to the BS Podcast Network for letting us be a part of their crew. We couldn’t do this without you guys. You can give us a piece of your mind at the following internet locations:

The Idiot Savants Website






BS Podcast Network


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