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CTT: Episode 54: Sam is Enclave Trash

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the coldest hearted podcast on the internet. On today’s episode, garbage podcast host Ryan Wolf is joined by a plethora of guests including professional Instagram avatar model Malcolm Wilson, perpetually on vacation Austyn Torres, Weeb King of Indiana and future voice actor Sam “Baby Baboo” Romero, and for the first time in at least 6 months, Matt rejoins us to get us wildly off topic on the following:

Ryan plays Fallout 76

The team discusses Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey


Disney and Star Wars

Dr. Evil The Movie?

Fallout 76 has mods?

Fallout 76 Kid

Thank you all so much for listening and for your support!  What did you think of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey? Is it better than Red Dead 2? Should Malcolm quite his day job and run our Instagram full time? Let us know in the comments on Podbean, Youtube, on Twitter or via email. Don’t to subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave a review if you liked what you heard. A special thank you to the BS Podcast Network for letting us be a part of their crew. We couldn’t do this without you guys. You can give us a piece of your mind at the following internet locations:

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