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VS: Episode 227: The 2018 Christmas Spectacular: Reindeer Edition

Merry Christmas everybody!  And we are back with our 2018 Christmas Spectacular: Reindeer Edition.  Today, we are joined by Lauren Sampson, who is one of the family members of the Williams family, who own The Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska.  Hear all about the daily operations of the farm, the care of reindeer, and some of the other amazing experiences one can have at a reindeer farm.  You can even hear some interesting stories about naughty reindeer!  Lauren was great, and her story really brought home a unique look into a neat career. And hey, it also brought us some Christmas spirit.  Check out all of the farm’s happenings at


We also have some great conversations involving Scott’s tales of trying hard during Catholic masses, Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid man’s new Christmas song, crazy Santa sidekicks from around the world,  and Mike quizzes Scott on his extensive knowledge of various holidays.  Merry Christmas to all of amazing listeners!


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