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CTT: Episode 068: Let Me Go, You Animals!

ALL ABOARD for the Crazy Train of Thought podcast brought to you by The Idiot Savants, a podcast about love and lost love and making fun of other people. This week’s episode is hosted as always by Ryan Wolf and he is joined by a new panel of guests including DC fanboy and mixmaster Oscar “DJ Travieso” Guerrero, You Know Misael, resident Resident Evil 2 survivor Cody “cman45cjs” Slabaugh, and the all-out-of-luck protagonist of this here shit show, Sammy J Romero. Here’s this week’s topics:

Sam’s weekend looking for love

Ryan sees William Shatner live

Sam plays Skyrim Together

Our definitive thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3

The Resident Evil 2 remake (not a remaster, evidently)

News: Paladins developer praises Xbox/Switch crossplay plus new updates

Refunds offered for Guitar Hero Live

Activision Blizzard lays off hundreds of employees despite record profits, threats of striking ensue

Ben Affleck out as Batman, David Mazouz in?

Nail in the coffin for Netflix’s Marvel shows

Apex Construct sales skyrocket

New game alert: Hellblade: Sesuna’s Sacrifice and Dangerous Driving

Sony crossplay chat

The future of the MCU

Featuring a new track from The Abyssal Ride called Night Escape!

What did you think of Shawn Layden’s comments at DICE 2019? Anyone else in for a new Batman and who should it be? Are we missing something from Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comments on Youtube, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave a review if you liked what you heard. A special thank you to the BS Podcast Network for letting us be a part of their crew. We couldn’t do this without you guys. You can give us a piece of your mind at the following internet locations:

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