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VS: Episode 246: Goodyear Blimp Pilot Taylor Deen

Outside of bald eagle in a white powdered wig, carrying the American flag while listening to the National Anthem, what is a more iconic, recognizable American symbol than the Goodyear Blimp?  Today, we are joined by Goodyear Blimp Pilot, Taylor Deen.  We discuss her life in aviation, what it’s like to work for Goodyear, the ins and out of a blimp, and what it is like to cover some of the world’s largest sporting events.  Taylor was very laid back, smart, and extremely informative.


We also discuss our usual amount of nonsense, including a interesting story featuring Snoop Dogg and Scott’s neighbor, find out Mike is a member of the Punching Club, and how Scott was asked to be a wedding officiant.  Another very fun week on the show.


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