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Welcome one and welcome all, the bar is open, the drinks are poured, so raise a glass and let’s get all fucked up on the biggest nerd news stories of the past couple of weeks. Join your heroes Duckman and Marc Abrigo as they give nerd news the full 3PB treatment. On the show this week…

It’s been a while since we posted a show, so here’s a monster 3PB to make up for it.  Marc checks in to let us know that he’s survived the recent earthquakes in California.  Thankfully!  But that’s not the big news, the big news is we’ve got a ton of nerd news to talk about.  Marc laments the fact that a show he really enjoyed, Swamp Thing, was cancelled before the first episode finished airing.  There’s non-spoiler chat about Spider-Man: Far From Home and Stranger Things Season 3.  The lads are SO on board for both of these and will be doing full spoiler filled reviews of both over on the MFX Patreon page in the next few weeks.  So there’s two more reasons to sign up to the page!

Did you know mermaids can’t be black?  Well apparently that’s what racists think and they’ve all got their white hoods in a bunch about the casting of a black actress in the live remake of The Little Mermaid.  The lads have plenty to say about this nonsense and the real motivations behind this latest slice of ridiculous online outrage culture.

The lads are happy to report that Paul Rudd has been cast in the upcoming sequel/reboot of Ghostbusters.  Marc has a fun story about a woke computer game journalist who tried to be super woke and ended up looking super stupid.  Duckman laments the death of Vertigo comics to wrap the show up. It’s a super fun show, with so many different nerd news topics hit it should come with a health warning.

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.

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