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Time to go back in time again folks! We’re balls deep in mid 90s WWE and this week we follow up King of the Ring 95 with our full review of WWF In Your House 2.  And what a show this was!

We’ve got all the big questions to ask, such as did Vince buy the homes he gave away as part of this gimmick from George Bluth from Arrested Development?  Is Jeff Jarrett actually one of the most under rated carny workers of all time?  And where the hell did Lex Luger get his billowy shirts from?

We have the usual lame appearances by Savio Vega, Mable, 123 Kid, The Roadie, and the rest of the losers that made up the roster at this time.  There’s some fun to be had with a Summerslam promotion video that makes Diesel appear to be a sex offender.  There’s a GREAT match between Shawn Michael and Jeff Jarrett for the IC Title.  Plus a main event for the ages – Diesel vs. Sid in a Lumberjack Match.  It’s so horrible and so funny.

So sit back and relax as we review WWF In Your House 2, a decent PPV for the mid 90s but an absolute horror show to watch in 2019.  Remember everyone, bad wrestling makes good MFX and this is some good MFX!

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.

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