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HBP: Episode 175: Lindy Booth & Jason Cook talk The Creatress, Librarians & More

The Creatress, which has it’s UK theatrical release on October 4th is a comedy drama about a bestselling author who seeks literary revenge against a critic who authors her fake memoir much to the delight of her agent (p[layed by Fran Drescher). Lindy Booth stars as Eryn Bellow, the author and the film was written & directed by Jason Cook. This fascinating candid interview sees Jason talking about his inspirations in making the film, the struggles of writing and projecting them into a relatable story. Lindy talks about taking the role, the amazing script as well as her admiration of Tia Carrere from Relic Hunter and the hijinx on set of The Librarians, as well as knocking me into tears of laughter at her response to my signature question! 

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