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MFX: MFXtra: 3 Pints with Betty – Ep 21.

Welcome one and welcome all, the bar is open, the drinks are poured, so raise a glass to all the biggest nerd news stories of the past couple of weeks. Join your heroes Duckman and Marc Abrigo as they give nerd news and reviews the full 3PB treatment. On the show this week…

Black Lives Matter. If you don’t agree, then this is not the show for you. Marc and Duckman discuss the protests, the violence and the cause of everything – deep rooted, systemic racism in both the US and the UK. They go in-depth, they get heated and heartfelt about what we have all witnessed over the last week. They don’t have the answers, but make it clear they stand with BLM and hope everyone listening does too.

Of course there’s got to be the usual 3PB content. The lads give their take on the announcement of the Synder Cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max in 2021. They talk Ruby Rose’s decision to step down as Batwoman and what this means for the future of the show. Plus they discuss some of your suggestions of the worst retcons in comic books and other movies. This is a really fun, nerd heavy discussion.

The show is wrapped up as always with Hell on Reels. This week it’s THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE – the soulless, hollow, corporate sponsored version of ET – the unbelievably bad Mac and Me. The lads do a deep dive on this horrible movie. Thankfully the review is a lot more entertaining then THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE. Seriously, it was so bad they barely made it through the whole movie without punching something!

There’s some important things said on this show, there’s some superhero nonsense chat and an amazingly fun review of THE WORST MOVIE EVERY MADE. Only 3PB brings the heat like this. So get listening, what else are going to do during lockdown? Get this show, get some insights, some laughs and some nerd news goodness. So sit back, relax and enjoy some 3PB in your life.

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