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VS: Episode 302: Bruce Vilanch

Up, across, or diagonal, whatever direction, take Verbal Shenanigans for the win. We get the pleasure tonight to speak with comedy writer Bruce Vilanch. The fun loving, glasses wearing person you see on TV is who we got to enjoy to speak with on the show. Bruce tells how he went from a newspaper critic to a writer for Bette Midler. We chat about the differences In writing for the major awards (Emmy’s, Grammys, Tony’s) to working as an on air personality for the Hollywood Squares. We even had an amusing discussion on him working on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Bruce is a great talent, and a genuinely good guy.  Have a listen!


We also talk Scott’s new love of the stock market, house chores, and hear an amazing story by young Michael Burlew entitled “Inderella”.

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