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VS: Episode 319: Byron Balasco, Creator of Kingdom

I loved this episode.  If you haven’t seen Kingdom, which is now on Netflix, you need to take the day off of work, brew a pot of coffee, and start binging it.  Today, we are joined by the creator of the show, Byron Balasco.  Byron was a really great guest.  We discussed the creation of the show, his writing career, the show’s casting, and maybe most importantly, the possibility of the show’s future.  Kingdom has everything you want from a show, drama, amazing acting, and flawed characters you love to root for and hate at the same time.  Make sure to check it out on Netflix today!


We also talk about Scott’s subpar vacation, wives invading bathroom time, Scott rescuing a kidnapped comic, and end with some bear news.  A typical, atypical episode of Verbal Shenanigans.

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