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HBP: S08E11: Cobra Kai actor Dustin Lewis talks about acting & being on Cobra Kai

I welcome back actor Dustin Lewis to Hellblazerbiz. Dustin is a brilliant actor who also teaches the Meisner acting technique at Drama Inc in Atlanta. Dustin has appeared in many shows including Sleepy Hollow, Ozark, The Resident and more recently Cobra Kai, where he plays Mr Palmer. Dustin and I chat about all things acting, with his love of stage as well as on screen. We chat about the brilliant show Cobra Kai and how it teaches us to not be judgemental and understand that people can be going through things that you would never know about. We also talk about Avenue Q with my bad impressions of Trekkie monster, Kermit, Donald Duck and Goofy. You have been warned! 🙂

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